New York

One of our chosen Slim Line designers, New York-based Amber Doyle is the owner and creative director of two custom menswear stores, ‘Against Nature’ and ‘Doyle+Mueser’, both of which specialize in tailored suits for men and women.

Learning her craft from an early age, having been taught to sew by her mother, her passion for tailoring was initially inspired when she was given some vintage military pieces and a vintage tuxedo jacket and she saw for herself the elegant cut and the sheer craft that had gone into these pieces.

“There are so many great things about living in New York City,” Doyle enthused. “I love that no matter how modern and advanced the city may appear, there is a huge community of artists and craftsmen that create their works by hand and practice old world techniques.


“Many of the tailors that I work with are carrying on the art and tradition of tailoring that has been past on from generation to generation in their families.” — Amber Doyle —


“The watch is sleek and sharp, it has a very downtown feel about it that would work well with an against nature suit.” — Amber Doyle —


“I don’t wear a suit on a daily basis but when i do, it’s always to make an impression, whether that’s to be more formal due to the work environment or the status of the social occasion.” — Jordy Cobelens —


Firmly embracing all opportunities that come her way, Amber Doyle’s ambition is limitless and like TW Steel, who she partnered with to present the Slim Line Collection, she continues to make bold statements through her designs.