Sao Paulo, Brazil

Since 2005, Camargo tailoring has created a success story through its high quality products and exclusive customized service. Resilience, talent and determination are the defining words for João Camargo, founder of Camargo Tailoring.

The young tailor built his brand through an outstanding and creative work that has kept the enthusiasm among his clients. Brazilian bred, the up and coming tailor started off in São Paulo, and is now present in many other cities in the country of samba and football.

“I’m in this business because of my passion for the industry. For me tailoring is more than just measuring and cutting a suit. The tailor is not just a tailor.” — João Camargo —

“We are not just selling the final product, the jacket or shirt. We’re selling a statement. That’s the most important part. It doesn’t matter if you buy the best brands or the most expensive suit. What matters is how you conduct yourself wearing the suit.” — João Camargo —