Spearheading one of Amsterdam’s finest bespoke tailoring companies ‘NEW TAILOR’, Roel Wolbrink joined forces with us to create a true masterpiece to accompany our Slim Line campaign.

Having worked in the hospitality industry, Wolbrink decided to step into the tailoring business when he looked for a bespoke suit.

“I didn’t like the shop keepers just pushing suits from the rack,” said Wolbrink. “Tailoring is about managing expectations, giving people comfort and providing them with the best suit possible for their occasion.”

“We like to make suits and shirts to those who care about clothing and their presence. Essentially we sell more than suits and shirts, we sell a presence.”

“Our heritage, philosophy and the way we treat our customers sets us apart from other tailors in Amsterdam. We also have the expertise and capability to actually create bespoke suits on our premises.” — Roel Wolbrink —


“Amsterdam is known to be informal. It is developing rapidly as a denim powerhouse and houses many creative organizations. Here, people tend to wear more business casual; e.g. grey trousers and a beautiful jacket. It’s getting more casual and the Slim Line timepieces match this development very well.” — Roel Wolbrink —


“My eye was caught by the blue one instantly. I like the brightness of the colour and it goes very well with the jackets and suits in my wardrobe.”

“The Slim Line collection is great. My clients need more than one suit and so they also need more than one watch. I like to make more (business) casual clothes and the watches go very well with them.” — Roel Wolbrink —


“This suit embodies the dynamic nature and business casual attitude of Amsterdam and TW Steel. Making a suit for the Slim Line watch, I instantly thought of making a more casual suit which can easily be combined with jeans and the watch. I’m proud of what NEW TAILOR has created for Jordy.” — Roel Wolbrink —


“For Jordy we made a beautiful suit. It is a combination of wool, linen, mohair and some silk. It has a beautiful shine and drape. While it has the look of a business suit from a distance, it is actually quite casual. The cloth is not as formal. We also brought the business stripe back. Lately, stripes were out of fashion, but with this suit, it fits perfectly.” — Roel Wolbrink —