Creating the finest English made bespoke creations, our London connection Tom Wharton is the founder of Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor. Inspired by the TW1301 and UK’s radio personality Greg James , Wharton worked his magic to produce a vibrant suit.

Excited about the collaboration, Wharton says: “It has been a lot of good fun to work with him to create something with a Slim Line watch in mind. The combination of a slim cut suit, Greg being slim and the Slim Line watch works beautifully. The suit we have come up with is perfect, it works very well with the watch and Greg.”

At a young age, Wharton was inspired by famous people and the clothes they wore. ” I liked it, but I wanted it different to suit my personal style”, Wharton explains. “I started sewing things myself and it really grew from there; I moved into full blown tailoring. I set up my tailoring business to do what I want to do with clothing I couldn’t get elsewhere.”


“We have a relaxed way of tailoring. The atmosphere in our showroom in very relaxed. You can come in dressed any way you like. We open the world of tailoring to anybody. If someone has something different in mind they want us to create, we will make clothes they want.” — Tom Wharton —

Proudly British, Tom Wharton designs and manufactures all Barrington Ayre creations within the United Kingdom.


“Classically English, our style comes with a fashion edge. Our house style can be described as traditional British, hour glass, waisted with an edge. This goes very well with take on the Slim Line project.” — Tom Wharton —


“The idea of a stylish, luxurious watch that fits perfectly under a shirt or a suit is brilliant.. This watch is blingy without being too much in your face. So you have a high quality watch without shouting too much about it. It is a classic, stylish watch.” — Tom Wharton —

“One of my best friends describes me as a clockster weirdo. This Slim Line watch is very nice. Iā€™m a big fan of the big face. And I like clean designs.” — Greg James —


“He has been a client for a while. We met at a cricket game. He is a really easy going guy. It has been a lot of good fun to work with him to create something with a Slim Line watch in mind.” — Tom Wharton —


“First we sat down with Greg to find out how he wears a suit and what he is looking for. Does he wear it to premieres, does he wear it more than once, does he only wear the jacket? We also discussed the various fabrics. Greg wanted blue, but not the flat, schoolboy kind of blue. So we found a fabric with a bit more texture to it. Picking the yellow lining with the yellow stitching then really brought everything out and gave it that little bit pizzazz. Following the fitting, cutting of the pattern and the fabric, we put it loosely together. When satisfied with the fit, we took it apart, recut it and put together with all the finishing touches such as the hand finishing around the lapels, the buttonholes, all the touches to give it that specific Greg look.ā€ — Tom Wharton —


“It is a lightweight suit; perfect for the whole year. When it is warm in London and in the tube; it is not too heavy. At the same time, it will keep you warm throughout the year. That blue is quite vibrant which resembles the vibrancy of the city. The yellow flashes give that individual edge to it. So yes, it is a great London suit that works for Greg.ā€ — Tom Wharton —